2 New All-Natural Methods for Your Low Back Pain!

August 10, 2023
Alternative Pain ControlLow Back Pain
by Kolton Opdahl

Are you sick and tired of being in constant pain? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but found no luck? It can be discouraging when there’s no pain improvement after you’ve tried it all- from physical therapy, self-rehab, rest, chiropractors, acupuncture, your primary care doctor, yoga, quitting smoking, or adjusting your diet. Look no further, as we have two more traditional methods compared to two newer alternative methods that have been proven to provide significant relief with little to no side-affects. Some of these options are short term and some will look to bring long lasting results by treating the underlying problem. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve back pain relief.

Corticosteroid Injections for Low Back Pain

Cortisone shots are injections that relieve inflammation and pain. Generally, they are injected into the joints. These shots treat a variety of conditions such as arthritis and back pain (most commonly). This works by preventing collagen production in the tendons/joints & essentially calming the nerves. Although cortisone injections don’t heal underlying issues, they help decrease pain with their anti-inflammatory properties. You can expect to see immediate or otherwise timely results. Some patients see results right away while others notice a gradual pain reduction over the course of days or weeks. 

Low Back Surgery

This may sound intimidating, but bare with us. Many people believe that back surgery just doesn’t work. Although you won’t have immediate relief after a procedure, spine surgery can be a highly recommended option depending on your back’s condition. Out of the 3 most common types of back surgery, your surgeon would decide which one you would be the ideal candidate for. Surgery is most commonly for people with a chronic and severe disc injury or a major overgrowth of bone otherwise known as bone spurs. Before moving forward with back surgery it is always smart to see out a second opinion from a qualified spine specialist.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Lower Back Injuries

PRP Therapy is another method that helps reduce pain and swelling quickly. Opposed to Cortisone shots, PRP injections accelerate the healing of injured joints & muscles with a very high success rate. The process contains the use of a patient’s own platelets. This promotes the production of new cartilage, natural joint lubricant, reduction of inflammation, and reduction of pain sensation. Essentially, this method uses the patient’s natural healing process to improve musculoskeletal issues. PRP is considered a regenerative therapy that patients can try to achieve long lasting results for their lower back pain. 

Regenerative Medicine Therapy for Low Back Conditions

Last on our list is Regenerative Medicine or “stem cell” treatment. This procedure regenerates damaged tissues in spinal discs, and reduces symptoms. The therapy works by injecting stem cells into the body. In turn, the cells will develop into healthy cells and help repair the disc. After your first treatment, you will most likely notice a dramatic change in the first 2-8 weeks. From there, you will continue to see improvement for up to a year. 

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