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Dr. Carlos Tagabuel

Meet our team member Dr. Carlos Tagabuel N.D! Dr. Tagabuel is one of our Joint Regenerative Specialists! Carlos graduated in 2009 with an undergraduate in both Neuroscience and in Chemistry. He later attended the Natural University of Natural Medicine where he received a doctorate.

As a former Medication Technician, Dr. Tagabuel witnessed the drastic amount of medications being prescribed to the elderly population and the poor doctor-patient connection that was occuring. Having experienced this first-hand, Carlos felt prompted to do more. He believed he could do better at forming close connections with patients and help them truly understand their condition. The thing that excites him the most about Regenerative Medicine is the preventative measure it provides for surgery and the need for strong pain medication. Right now, Dr. Tagabuel’s favorite patient demographic to treat ranges from young to old. More specifically, he enjoys working with the younger generation of people who have an acute injury or joint trauma, but also has a soft spot for older folks who have years of chronic pain.

In his free time, Dr. Tagabuel enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, camping, and more. He also loves spending time with his 2-year old daughter!

Dr. Carlos Tagabuel